About Us

At Stonebridge Research, we provide fact-based business advisory services to the wine industry. We bring together leading specialists from the broader business world with a core team of wine industry experts to help wine businesses flourish.

Our clients include wineries, wine-related enterprises and industry groups worldwide seeking more effective ways to manage their businesses and improve performance.

Our practice falls into three primary areas: market and consumer intelligence, fact-based growth strategies and specialized business services.

We are known for the quality of our insights, the precision and thoroughness of our analysis, reliance on facts rather than conventional wisdom and a determination to listen to our clients and exceed their expectations.

Stonebridge Research was founded in 2008 by Barbara Insel and a group of food and beverage investors interesting in bringing a new level of analytical rigor to the wine industry. Stonebridge Research has research partnerships with New Vine Logistics Inc., the Napa Conference and Visitors Bureau and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.