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"The Stonebridge Trade Monitor contains a wealth of actionable insights not available through any other source. I look forward to each new edition." Carol Reber, Chief Marketing Officer, Duckhorn

Fine Wine sales are up. Read the only report that tells you Why, Where and How

Read the report everyone is talking about - Blake Gray had two blog posts about it. Marketwatch and Wine Business Monthly talked about it. And more to come.

When you read about retail sales trends, it is almost always InfoScan data which is accurate and fast — but only represents about 30% of the US wine market. The bottom 30%. Almost no independent wine stores are included and of course, no on-premise data at all.

There are a few sources that promise insights into the fine wine trade, but who are they really talking to? What questions are they asking and how are they gathering the data?

"The Stonebridge Trade Monitor provides effective insights into the wine market, at an affordable cost, which is extremely important for a wine trade organization." Lori Teiszen, Executive Director, Wines of Chile USA

Stonebridge launched the Fine Wine Trade Monitor in 2010, andit's not like anything else available in the industry.

The Fine Wine Trade Monitor is brought to you by the industry’s most trusted source of data and analysis: Stonebridge’s research findings are relied on by the leading associations and producers in the wine industry, from the Wine Institute and Napa Valley Vintners to Wines of Chile and Wines of Spain. Stonebridge data has been cited by courts and government agencies and is widely quoted in the press, from the Wall Street Journal to Decanter.

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Better Methods = Better Data

  • We interview nearly 60 of the top decision makers in the US wine industry from all tiers including distribution, independent wine retailers and full service restaurants.
  • We gather data across all of the major US wine markets as well as several secondary but equally important markets.
  • Through in-depth, thoughtful, hour-long conversations, we explore purchasing and sales trends, inventory practices, pricing strategies.
  • What price segments and varietals are selling, and to whom and when?
  • What are they doing to stimulate sales? What can suppliers do to support sales?
  • What are they cutting from inventory and why — and what are they adding and why?
  • What is happening to pricing and promotion? What will the next year look like?
  • What is unique in their region/market?

Stonebridge Research compiles these insights into a thoughtful 80 page report on the critical issues in the US wine market, by region and by channel with practical, strategic and tactical recommendations to show our clients how to profit from these insights. Six months after receiving the Trade Monitor, you will receive an update on those conversations, keeping you current and on top of what is happening in the marketplace.